-78% SAYGOGO 12 Piece Corner Protector-B07HTFGWB9

SAYGOGO 12 Piece Corner Protector-B07HTFGWB9

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  • High-quality PVC soft rubber: environmentally safe, soft and pressure resistant, smooth surface, easy to clean, beautiful and neat

  • Right angle thickening design: perfect fit to the edge of the furniture/ tabletop, effectively prevent the baby from being hurt when colliding

  • Soft and elastic toughness: soft material, suitable for all kinds of curvature, irregular edges, strong and elastic, not easy to tear, can be reused

  • 3M double-sided adhesive: high viscosity compared with ordinary double-sided adhesive, not easy to fall off and easy to remove

  • 360 Degree all-round application: suitable for table corners, cabinets, chairs, coffee tables, no longer have to worry about the child's naughty collision with the table corner to cause unnecessary damage

  •  Why choose us? 
    A baby with unlimited energy is always curious about everything. A baby who has just learned to crawl or is already learning is always groping around the house, but for the baby, there are too many unsafe places in the house, such as the table corner. The corners of the coffee table, the square corner of the cabinet... Try our preparation for you: transparent thickened spherical baby anti-collision corner, set up a safe bridge for the baby! 
    (1) Be sure to clean the surface of the object to be pasted before installation. If it is oily, dusty, etc., it is difficult to stick.
    (2) After the surface is dry, stick it. When sticking, try not to stick it and pull it up again to re-stick. This will cause the tape to stick to the unstable. After sticking, press firmly to firmly stick it. 
    (3) When you stick it in winter, you can use a hair dryer to heat up and increase the viscosity. 
    (4) Try not to let the baby see when sticking, in case the baby is curious to uncover the unsticky corner

    SAYGOGO 12 Piece Corner Protector-B07HTFGWB9

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