-50% Clear Outlet Plug Covers 32 Pack Child Proof Protector Safety Caps - My Calm Mom-B07L7D8QQ9

Clear Outlet Plug Covers 32 Pack Child Proof Protector Safety Caps - My Calm Mom-B07L7D8QQ9

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  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: clear plug protectors blend into any interior and fly under the child’s radar

  • EASY TO INSTALL: just put a plug cover to guard your baby against electric shock hazards

  • NO KEY NEEDED: use another outlet cap from the pack to remove it

  • SAFE MATERIALS: outlet plug covers are heat-resistant and non-toxic

  • OPTIMAL PACK SIZE: 32 pieces are enough to baby-proof the house

  • Every year in the USA, over 2,400 children suffer electrical shock. 89% of all injuries caused by playing with electrical outlets are to kids under age 6.

    Toddlers and adolescents experience electric shock most often when they poke small metal objects, such as forks or keys, into unprotected outlets.

    How To Childproof Electrical Sockets?

    To cover empty sockets, especially those that are rarely used, the cheapest solution is to buy plastic outlet covers. They are plugged directly into an electrical socket.

    The exposed side is completely flat, making it difficult for a kid to remove a plug cover. Thus, if your baby can’t poke anything inside the power outlet, then he or she is safe.

    Easy Installation

    All you need is to insert an outlet plug cover into an unprotected socket and push tightly into place.

    To remove a plug protector, put another outlet plug cover from the package under the cap edge and pull.

    Convenient Design

    Transparent white plug covers are practically invisible to children's eyes. They blend in with the socket while respecting the interior design and staying unnoticed.

    Our plug covers are suitable for American power outlets.

    Lab-Tested Product

    Our outlet plug covers are made from transparent PP plastic. The material has good resistance to electricity and thus it is an efficient electrical insulator.

    Long-living and non-toxic, plastic plug covers is an ideal choice for all pockets.

    Looking for outlet plug protectors to baby-proof your house? We are pleased to offer you a quality and safe product at a reasonable price. Buy it now and try on your own!

    Clear Outlet Plug Covers 32 Pack Child Proof Protector Safety Caps - My Calm Mom-B07L7D8QQ9

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