-44% Organic Cotton Baby Sling Firm Hold Used in Baby Sling Fit Black-B075F8XR9W

Organic Cotton Baby Sling Firm Hold Used in Baby Sling Fit Black-B075F8XR9W

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  • PERFECT HANDS-FREE BABY SLING: Freedom to get on & do things- chat on the phone, go shopping, have a coffee & do what you need to do with a happy baby in tow. AMAZING QUALITY: 95% Organic Cotton & 5% Spandex ultra comfort & strength. SIMPLE DESIGN: no clips, buckles or fasteners. Easy to tie, adapts to your body & growth of baby. From 5lbs-35lbs. BENEFITS: Bond with your baby. Helps babies with reflux & colic. Helps babies with separation anxiety. Fits all body types. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

  • BRITISH STANDARD CERTIFIED for strength, quality and comfort

  • Lots of videos on our website www.bambalino.co.uk

  • As seen at The Baby and Toddler Show


  • BOND WITH YOUR BABY WHILST HANDS-FREE - you know how precious your time is and although you want to be in contact with your baby all the time some things call for your attention making it difficult to do certain things with baby in your arms! House work, phone calls, shopping and so on! So now all you need to do is put on your Bambalino Sling Carrier Wrap and your baby can be snuggled close to you whilst you have your hands-free to get on with things. Wearing the sling is ultra comfortable and strong for mum's, dad's, grand-parents and friends. The Baby Sling can be worn with babies as young as a few days old up to toddler age (from 5lbs to 35lbs in weight) BENEFITS TO WEARING A BABY SLING : Babies can hear your heart beat and this helps with baby bonding. It helps babies with reflux & colic as the babies are in a more upright position, supported against your body. It helps babies with separation anxiety & disturbed sleep patterns to keep them close to you. COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE : As the wrap is soft and strong it fits all body types. You can create a custom fit that suits you that will change and accommodate your growing baby. Machine Washable. CARRY YOUR BABY YOUR WAY: The Bambalino Sling gives you many ways to carry your baby. Hug hold, front facing outward, for larger babies a hip carry and for those liking to carry on the back a ruck sack hold. DISCREET BREAST FEEDING: The way the sling is wrapped around the body makes it easy to breast feed discreetly. The sling can take the weight of the baby whilst you nurse your baby. THE PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT - make your friends day by getting them a gorgeous Bambalino Baby Carrier Sling. The perfect present.POST PARTUM TUMMY SUPPORT: The 5.3m of fabric can be used to support your tummy whilst your body re-adjusts to it's post-baby shape. Wrap the fabric around your tummy / area needing support and tie at the side. Click "Add to Cart" to buy NOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2hksiXtNrI

    Organic Cotton Baby Sling Firm Hold Used in Baby Sling Fit Black-B075F8XR9W

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