-47% Hoppediz Paris Ring Sling-B002TX1MBW

Hoppediz Paris Ring Sling-B002TX1MBW

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  • Suitable from birth until parent or child chooses to stop carrying

  • 100% Cotton

  • Special broken twill weave

  • The ring of the Ring Sling consists of aluminium in tested quality

  • Detailed and illustrated tying instructions

  • The HOPPEDIZ® can be used from birth to the end of carrying age. Ring Slings made by HOPPEDIZ® are, just like our other woven baby slings, woven using a special weave type (broken twill). This means that the Ring Sling adapts to fit both the baby's and the carrier's body optimally. You can put it on in an easy way, and you can partly tie it in advance. The detailed and illustrated carrying instructions being supplied with each sling show step by step how to tie our Ring Slings. When using a Ring Sling, the baby's weight is only resting on one of the carrier's shoulders. For this reason, the Ring Sling is mostly suitable only for short carrying times, especially if your child has become heavier. The rings of the Ring Slings consist of aluminium in tested quality. The spread folding beneath the rings ensures a pleasant carrying feeling.

    Box Contains

    1x Ring Sling
    1 x Carrying Instruction

    Hoppediz Paris Ring Sling-B002TX1MBW

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