Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake Boxes
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This cute case is a great gift for a birth or christening gift. Filled for example with dummy, rattl..
£68.63 £14.39
A lovely keepsake item, give your baby a wonderful childhood memories. Magnet design, lanugo st..
£68.07 £20.69
When your little is born you want to try and remember and keep all of those first things. Cards, hos..
£70.76 £28.40
This tooth box is a makes a great gift for a birth. Material:Wood. Dimensions (L/W/H): 12.3..
£61.11 £15.45
A beautiful memory box that can be personalised with the new baby name and any special details you ..
£63.30 £15.54
First tooth fairy, collection of teeth, baby hair and umbilical cord. Polished Surface and inte..
£78.06 £21.56